Well what can I say about one of the proudest moments of my life??? Well It was like gambling at the casino. (which I gave up two years ago). OOH my Goodness !!!

So I turned Nats tomatoes into the fair. They were not looking to good. but I was like I’ll turn them anyways. So we came back on Wednesday to see how she did. So we are walking around the building couldnt find them anywhere and thinking to myself  “they were so horrible that they threw them out. So we are still walking around and then I was like I am going to ask the lady to look for them that worked in there. So I did. And she like looked around and said I dont know where they are at. I am trully scared at this point. When Nat walks up to the “Best of Show” table and there they are !!!

Oooh My Goodness !!!! We screamed so loud !! I couldnt believe it !!! I will never ever forget that moment !!! I am calling it “divine intervention” these days !!!

Love it !!!

Unforgettable !!


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  1. this was great !!!! you two scared me when you screamed! ;) she was sooooo happy!!!

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