Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind

There is one thing I love is a good self-help book. And it seems these days I really need one. I think life has a certain way of pulling you down. And sometimes words are what you need to get you out of the hole. I thing God put certain circumtances in your way just to see what and how you are going to respond to unpleasantness. And for me I would call them “lifesuckers”. I feel like I get into these rutts of what the heck am I am going to do. And then I go on these binges of clearing out the bad in my mind and renewing it with what it needs. Positiveness. I had read up to page 80 and I really love this book. And the messages are what I need to here. One thing so far that has come to me is it isnt about other people and what they are doing. It is what YOU are doing. And I need to come to that realization sometimes. Stop worrying about what others are saying and doing and focus on what is the most important. Me and my family. One major thing was deleting my Facebook account. I did it this past weekend. And I feel great !!! because that was one of my major “lifesuckers” !!! Worrying trully about the drama is not really what I want to focus on. because I think to myself in twenty years is this really going to matter. No it was the time I spent with my kids and Brandon. And that is the most important to me.


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