i savor these moments.outside while its cool outside. where my three childrens are all playing together. now nat can pull morgie around in the wagon. and she loves it. i love watching nat and wyatt talking to morgie. they just love her. and i often think. how we could have lived without her?  i love her. and am so thankful for my family. they are my life.


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  1. Nicole so cute! Is morgie sitting up? I love this pic :) Where are all the fair pic! I know you got a lot ;) I got some of them on the rides and then the one with them with the chicken Ill have to send em. We had a great time with you guys wed! We should make that a tradition every year on opening night, let the kids get wrist bands. & try to get there picture in the Appeal Democrat each year! That was so neat it made me so happy when justin called to say they were in the paper :) talk to ya later :)
    ~ sam sam sam

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