my girl. i watch you growing up. you are maturing to a young women. and asking wordly questions that i can no longer not answer. i think that it is harder for your dad than myself. you are an adventure girl. and i like that. because i am not. you are a builder and have your own ideas. and when you have to tell me something embarrasing its like you have to whisper it to me. you are a great sister to both wyatt and morgie. you are so much like your daddy. it kills me. slow to emotion but once it gets there you are like a spout. never ending. you protect me with all words. you love to swim. it is your passion. and love to camp. you are the original camping girl. you are way braver than i will ever be. you’ll never know. you are my love child first born. me and your dads path to marriage. and learning about parenthood. there is so many things that i have flash backs about when your were a baby. and for many years it was just you and me. for sure. you kept me together. you have your own ideas about certain things. and all i care about is raising you to be the best person you can be. be strong. know and love jesus. and to never ever forget your laughter. for it will be the one thing in life that will get you through. and to one day marry a man that will like your daddy. all i want is you to be happy no matter what your journey will be. i love you.



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2 responses to “you.

  1. chelsea

    i think that Nat is a very blessed girl to have you as her mom! love the new look by the way!!!

  2. Ditto to chels & yes love the black and red! glad you are keeping up on your blog since you dont get on facebook anymore. Nat is getting so big and quit the little beauty! We want to see her dog show or chickens, Hal would love that. Can you let us know? Email me if you want. xoxo

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