a girl and a dog.

well it all comes down to you. my nacky !! we have practiced and practiced and practiced. the nerves were setting in last night. which is strange for her because she never gets nervous. i just told her just try your best and that is all that matters. because i always look at it like shomanship is all up to that persons judgement. and their opinion. of the what the best is. but all that matters is we come out there and represent. living the dreams. and as she gets older she is getting more competitive which is wierd because she is such a passive natures girl. but i love her when she shows me tough. the little moments that let me know she is growing up.

and i am proud of her. know matter what happens. i told her that all that counts is you tried your best.

and if she does good well it is just icing on the cake.

i love her.

this is already a busy busy week. and well next week. is full of excitement nerves happiness and much more. i just get emotional when i see my kids doing things that make me proud of who they are becoming.

until next time. stop and enjoy the faces that you love the most in this world !!!


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