My parents divorced when i was like 5. And I never grew up wanting them back together again. they are like oil and water. But I loved my step-dad he is like my real dad and treated my no different than my other siblings. But I was a wild teenager, and it made it rough on my mom. And alot of the things that happened it was upon herself what happened to me. And alot of times she was the real bad guy. Not wanting to be but when i look back I understand why she did alot of the things she did. It is hard raising kids. There is no manual as Brandon would say. And there is not. All Three of the Prather Children are all different and not loved less of more just different. But I also made a promise to myself when I was to get married I would have a joint partnership with who I married. There would be joint decisions and things that were happening in the kids life would be no secret at all. And there would be never any uncomfortableness with my house. I mean that by I never got along with my ex-step-mother and when i was with my mom I just felt like later in the years it was hard for her me being there because I was always breaking the rules. And that left me like where do I fit in all this ? And when I met Brandon it was like I knew he was it. He was the person. We have alot of the same morals and beliefs on raising children. And we are a family. On Sundays (unless he is working a weekend) we have a Prather Family Meeting. and go over what is going on and upcoming things that are happening. and then the kids discuss why they are not liking eachother for that day. And talk about the Rules and if we have been following them. One is such as putting your towel back on the rack. he he he. But we are one unit. And that is what is the most important thing to me in my life.

A promise.

And when i look at this pictures I often feel like almost 12 years ago, would I have ever imagined this to me ? with three kids and still married. honestly no. but they have truly been the last 12 greatest years of my whole entire life. No matter the ups downs struggles mountains valleys. I am still madly in love with him. And everyday i am thankful for being in that bar meeting a little boy who would ultimately give me the greatest joys I will ever know. And giving me it all.

And making a promise. to love honor cherish. for better and for worse.

And I am thankful.


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  1. Love this Nicole! Congrats on 12 years and many more blessed to come!

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