July 16th-Love with Your Thoughts

I try to read a devotional everyday. I am now doing Family Devotionals with the kids. It is really good for our family. But it has been a long day already: have already took my bath for the day and opened up to My devotional of the Day:

Love with your Thoughts

   ” For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”   Proverbs23:7

You make a mistake when you have the opinion that your thoughts dont affect other people. You can often feel the thoughts of others,and they can feel your thoughts.

Your thoughts not only affect others, they also affect you in a most amazing way. This verse in Proverbs teaches you that you become what you think.

If you think loving thoughts, you become loving. But often you think things about people that you would never say to them, not realizing that even your thougts can affect them. It is virtually impossible to treat people in a loving way if you are thinking angry thoughts about them.

This is a good lesson for you. It is possible to sin in thought, word, or deed, so if you want to be a loving person you must choose to think good thoughts about other people. Learn to love with your thoughts-it will be good for you and others.

It was crazy to me when i opened up the book to find this passage. It is kind of when you go to church and the pastor starts talking about something relating to your life at that point. And trully I am this person. And I am not proud of it at all.. Trully this is a daily struggle for me. And I dont know why ?But everything that is said in this passage it true. Your thoughts are you. I see it is my life everyday !! Often I let outsiders affect my life. And Brandon and my Sister are constantly telling me laugh it off !!Which is very hard for me!! We all have our hangups and this one is mine..


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