I cant believe that fair is right around the corner. Natalies meat pen they are growing like crazy. They are now 5.5 pounds each. This will be her first year selling at the fair. We are all excited for her !!! 4-H was a big part of my life growing up. I didnt do sports so the majority of my life was 4-H and riding horses. Looking back now it helped me in alot of ways. And the coincidence that Brandon did it to just makes it a little easier. He knows how important this is for the kids. And we have fun living vicarously through our children !! So yesterday we had to do her buyers letters, we washed the chickens, and nat put on her whites !! I am proud of her… For so many things but she is brave she is not scared or intimitated about anything !! or maybe she just hides it ? We have been so busy this year !! and basically it all leads up to the fair. Next week she will show “Birdy” at the dog show and then the fair starts for us on Tuesday !! i am already nervous !!! cant help it !! no matter what happens i have always told the childrens “try your best” !! and i mean it !!


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  1. I was just getting ready this morning thinking about fair! I love that time of year! Even just walking around and the yummy corn dogs ;) nic & court wont be there this year & I love all the kids with the animals! So we will have to come see nat & wyatt! That is so good she can hold those chickens! Nat i would be scared if it were me ;)

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