Nat got her bronze star the other day. If you are not familiar with 4-H basically it is all the things activities, events attended, talks done, they are all worth 1 point and then they all add up to stars. The very first one you recieve is your Bronze, then Silver, then Gold, and last Emerald. (I am sad because I ended 4-H with a gold and many pins but can not find my hat.) I am proud of her for many things and maybe I dont think right now she knows exactly how important or exciting this is. I do though !!! She medaled in Fashion Revue this year which was pretty hard to do. She made 9 cakes with Cakes by Nancy. She worked very hard on her chickens this year. We had a big breeding project going on and hatched many chickens and raised many many chickens from three days old. And now she is complete raising her meat pen chickens. She works very hard. And though she is sometimes hard to motivate she gets it done !! I am just proud of her. She is growing up and watching her do all these things in my mind. I feel a sense of look at the time going by. I am preparing her for her life. Congratulations Natalie !!


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