she is four months old today.weighing in at 14.6 pounds. ooh my goodness.ooh my goodness. she is a chunky girl (thats what i call her). her brother and sister call her (morgie).she is the happiest little girl i know. everyday she wakes up smiles on her face, talking away in her bed. and last week i believe she said dada and mama. i think she might talk as much as natalie did. she drinks 6 oz. at a time. and has had no food yet, probably next month (we will see). she sleeps all night ( thank god for that one because the other two it was forever.) she is a scheduled girl and i like that. wake up around 6, bottle, hang out for a couple hours take a short cat nap then bottle again..hang out for another couple hours and then the long nap like two or three hours then bottle then around 530 she gets her bath..and then about 8 she is to bed for the night. that is it. she brings us all joy. and when i look at her all the days drama melts away when i look at that chunk face and her most precious smile. she is my last born. she is going to have dark brown hair with blue eyes with a fair complexion. all my children look different..nat look like brand to me but with light hair and bluest eyes but reminds me of him is all ways. and wyatt looks like me round head smiles but with brandons coloring and morgie i think looks like wyatt but white. but one thing sure is she is loud. she is definitely me and brandon put together. morgie has one time tried to roll over but i think she is just to nosy she doesnt want to miss anything. she is drooling like crazy. she laughs at funny faces and is so in love with nat and wyatt. when she sees them running all around she starts kicking and squirming around. i just imagine in a couple months when she is crawling, how loud and crazy it will be around here. she loves to look at herself in the mirror and smile. she loves to be held and when I walk away from her she often cries. and she loves the water. she is a water baby. she loves to hang out in the pool. and loves her baths. i love her.


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