this was my very first post picture i took for my blog.

and now here we are two months later.

and soon as he gets home he takes her, sits her down, and ask her,

“Snook how was your day?” and then she starts talking…who really knows what she is saying? probably, “Well my mom had to yell at my sister a whole bunch of times to feed the chickens, and my brother all day was bugging her to play the Wii, and well she just sat here all day and held me and fed me and got nothing done that is why this house is a crazy mess…”

that is what I think she would say !!

but these are the everyday moments that  I come to realize are the moments I will remember…and they will forever be engraved in my heart….!!!

(and look at the chunkygirl i weighed her for 4 months she is 14.6 !!)


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One response to “snookie.

  1. Love this! & Love what the Snookie is thinking! Reminds me of the movie look whos talking ;) Brandon is so cute with the Snooks! Such a good daddy to your kids!
    have a good weekend! we will miss you @ the party :( xoxoxo

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