I didnt get to post this one last week !! Got to take pictures all the time to keep up them growing up to fast. Especially little Chunky Girl. She goes in next week for her 4 months shots !! Who knows how much she is going to weigh ??? She is one happy spoiled girl..Well my children are all spoiled and very much loved !! They are Brandon and I’s greatest blessing !! I often think about were we started, and think how blessed I am to find someone so perfect for me. !! That post will come soon enough !!



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3 responses to “growing.

  1. chelsea

    Lil Morgie is smiling! great capture! LOL

  2. here you are! Went to your blog from your facebook and it kept bringing me just to the post “Stuff”. thought you just had not updated! Refreshed it and man oh man blog central ;) lol love all the post! I love bloggers :) keep it up! & love this pic! :)
    from one blogger to another ;)

  3. i tried commenting on this! love this pic & that truck :) my other comment was glad to see you blogging I thought “Stuff” was your last post, went to your facebook today and refreshed the link so many post I love them all!

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