we try to make the kids birthday a very special day for them. especially with morgie it is a true balancing act for us. but we will always make it happen. so we woke up on the 4th not really knowing what we were going to be doing ? but the day was very special. bran made wyatt his special birthday breakfast: 7 little pankcakes with 7 little crayon candles. we sang happy birthday to him. then we all took showers and headed to Biggs, never been there before but they have a cute little parade !! the childrens loved it : nat for the candy and wyatt for the big tractors. then we headed into town we went shopping for a bit and then wyatt got to pick his birthday lunch it was chilis: he has pizza with mashed potatoes. they sang to him. he was a happy camper. them for his very last present: my son made out on his birthday this year. he got a bow, a new bike, a skateboard and a gun. he is a lucky boy !! we had a scavenger hunt for his last present his gun !! the look on his face !! then we headed to the prathers for dinner and fireworks !!

it was a great special day !!

my boy it was a hard day. i cried for most of it. it is hard to watch my kids growing up. the years are flying by and especially on their birthday it is really hard because i remember the day they were born like it was yesterday.

i had to be induced because wyatt was like 10 days over due. went in on the 4th that day was one of the hardest got induced. the pain was unbearable. but i hung in there and labored from 630 in the morning until 5 pm when they said we lost his heartbeat, he pooped, and this baby is big and is not coming out. and finally after the doctor saying you need a c-section. and my mom saying this is the best for you. he was born  at 6:20 and weighed 9lb.7oz. he was a big boy. and i loved him. i was so out of it. but i remember my mom bringing natalie up there and watching the fireworks going on from ellis lake. i will never forget it. he is my special boy. my only son. i love him so.



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  1. love the one with gram and baby!
    had fun on the 4th

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