the month of june flied out the door. so many things happened in this month. school ended june 2nd. i was and the kids were happy about that…freedom for the kids, they can stay up until whatever time and they get to sleep in. and for me means no driving to sutter for two and  a half months of my life..yippee !!! the kids went camping with their nana and the thompsons they came back and had the time of their life..i am happy when they get to spend time with their nana and papa !!! lets see what else..ooh yeah morgie turned three months !! and the last two weeks have really consisted of swim lessons everyday and watching the kids really blossom in the water…i get so excited for them when they have accomplished new things…brandon finally went down and got his vasectomy no more prather childrens from us… !!! i have many internal changes with my attitude on my life !! and that has brought me to new in my life !! this month i ran 5 miles in less than an hour that was a big accomplishement for me !! i am proud..we visited my sister alot this month and that makes me happy !!! i think that is about it ooh yeah and we had wyatts 7th bday party at johns incredible pizza company and it was so much fun…wyatt got a bow and a new bike for this birthday !! he is one lucky kid !! i wonder what july will bring ??? many more exciting things for the prather children i bet !! oooh yeah and we went and saw toy story 3 !!

{i am a proud mama}


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