my son.

well this is the week tribute to my boy…

there are so many many thoughts and words that come to my mind when i think and look at him…

first of all he is sweet…he has a heart like his daddys and knows and shows how much he loves his family…

he is an adventure boy…he loves to shoot his bow…and cant wait to shoot a gun…

he is so very smart…i never have to worry about him in just comes natural to him…

he is so very handsome….

he is funny…he knows and says the most funniest things that crack me up…

he is witty…though sometimes irritating he is quick on the draw…

he loves to be busy…if there is something to be done he will be doing…

he loves his family…he is such a family man already…he knows how much and important family is…

he is loves his big and little sister…he told nat the other day, “natalie you are going to make a very good mom.”

he is athletic…he is just talented…he has a deep love for baseball…..

he looks up and has very good role models in his life that contribute to all these great qualities like his daddy, his great grandpa pete, his grandpa david, and his uncle mike…i am thankful !!

he is one special boy !!!


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  1. Erin

    I love him too! I hope when we have a little boy he is just as handsome as Wyatt! Cant wait to see you guys tomorrow:)

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