the fourth.

i love the fourth..

well for one it is my only sons birthday..

and two because it is a day to celebrate our country of 423 years….

(I just heard that number on K-love or i wouldnt have known) he he he

but one thing that really hits home for me is our freedom and when i watch it on  tv how it is in other countries i defininetly dont take for granted all the freedoms we have…the right to have an opinion…the right to bare arms…the right to vote…the right to walk out our home when we want..we dont live in fear for our children to go to school if they are going to be bombed…

so many more….

i dont like to think about it because it is trully scrary to think how others still live in oppression….

but on this fourth just remember all the freedoms that we have and celebrate !!!


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  1. Erin

    cute sunglasses!!!

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