my boy.

what can i say ?

his birthday is on sunday at he is turning 7 !!

and around my childrens birthdays i get real emotional.

all these thoughts cause me to be a “hot mess”

sad that he is growing up on me. sad that he is turning into a little young man. sad that i cant keep him sheltered away from the world. many more sads but i dont want to cry right now.

but with all these sads comes a sense of “right now”, and realizing that “right now” is all we have..so i often have a since of urgency on my life. to tell them many times a day i love them. show them that i love them. teach them as much as i can about life and being a responsible person, a good person, one who loves and knows Jesus. many more things.

one thing about my kids i always told myself was i want my kids to see me in the “real” the “real mama” the one with flaws, raw,truthful,loving, emotional,tears, it all because that to me is reality.

i love him so much. and he knows it. my only son. he already wants to see adventures in the world. he wants to hang with his dad. he wants to duck hunt and shoot things. and he is really good at it. he has the love of hunting from brandon and if he turns out just like brandon that wouldnt bother me a bit. and knowing one day he will marry a women probably like me..well i am a little peturbed about that !!

so here is to 7 and all that intails !!

(i love you wy) !!!



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2 responses to “emotional.

  1. Erin

    “hot mess” <—loves it

    and if Wyatt does marry someone like you, you are gonna HATE her!! HAHAHAHAA!!! i kid i kid!

  2. i will probably not like her ..but i will try my best because whoever my sons loves will probably be very special…and yes “hot mess”” !!! i love you

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