10 things i am thankful for this sunday: children are healthy-( i have to knock on wood) i am very thankful to God every single day for my childrens health. home-where the four best things that ever happened to me live and we share our lives together… days-the gift of everyday is a new let go of bad forget about the old and what has happened and begin a new day.

4.people-the people that i have in my life that i share with my life with: that know me my insecurities,my downfalls,they love me just the same…they respect me and my opinions and they are true to me no matter what.. dogs-they bring me joy.i look at them and think what a life they have they just run around the yard being happy. thankful for them…it is funny when i have a lot of pictures to order i look at months and  months of pictures and they bring me back to those moments in my life that are times i never want to forget..i love it..and how they make me feel when i look at them…

7.opinions-those to some i am judgemental; i do value other peoples opinions and how they look at life and must come to respect it !!!

8.spring-ooh how i miss it right now..i like about 75-80 degrees…these hot temperatures make miserable for outside play for the kids and the chickens and dogs are hot..i feel sorry for them.. to me is my kids face when they have accomplished something they thought they couldnt…joy to me is watching them laugh and play to me is watching morgan smile at me…joy to me when my husband come through the door and i know that the hours we have together are limited…joy to me is when i run 5 miles…joy to me is when i have cleaned my to me is when all is right in my life… the gift of life and all that intails..because i have come to realize that at any moment it can be surround yourself  with people that are healthy in your life because i never want to look back at my life and realized i waisted it on people or things that were unhealthy or unvaluable to me….

and last to make 11.

Jesus and his mercy upon me in the times i need it the most..he is my wake up call..he is my savior..i am so very thankful for him because he is what gives me all the things and people i am thankful for in my life…

and always Sunday is the day to be with your family !!!

until next time….


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