what can i say to a weekend that i will never forget ?

still to this day i wake up and wonder what is my day going to be like today ? because with my husband around you just never know !!!

i never get old hanging out with him and my babies…because they are, well “my life”.

so we were driving up to my in-laws property and we were just blathering about whatever and then we started talking about dads !!

So Brandon started telling me,

“when i was growing up i would always tell my dad you need to buy a nicer car, you need to go and take vacatation and he would always say, “i cant because i have kids.” and i would always think when i grow up i am not going to be like my dad i am going to have all this stuff..i am going to have a nice truck kwods and buy whatever i want. and he then said to me, ” i now know why my dad is the way he is because i have kids and i dont have the nicest truck and dont have all these expensive things but i have my kids and that makes me the happiest…i always thought i would be a stuff lover but i am far from that…”

thankful: i am so thankful for him his mercy upon me when i just say whatever and dont care. thankful that is such a hardworker. thankful for his laughter. thankful for him being that one person in my life that just never lets me down. thankful for giving me the three most beautiful children i will ever know.thankful for his emotions that we lets us see. thankful for being strong through many difficult times in our life.thankful for him giving it all up to make me happy.thankful for him just being him.

he is the best dad, to me.

i love him. and everyday i let him know.

happy fathers day baby !!

(oooh and by the way he is and will always be the most handsomest man i will ever know !!)


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  1. esther

    What a wonderful man you have : )

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