it was quite wierd this morning when i was running ( i am up to 4 miles) and so very proud of myself , my mind keeps going back to this word… it….and i dont know why….

when i was talking to someone along time ago we were talking about weight and i basically said “You have to be bigger than it.”

and she said, “What is it ?”

i said ,” What it is that keeps you fat.”

and i have been fat before so i feel like i can use that word…..

because deep down inside no matter what people might say to themselves i trully believe that there are certain triggers in our mind that we hold on to…for whatever reason…..

and you must in order to not be in the state of “obesity” must realize this life,problem, etc that  eats you up inside you are worth more than that….

and maybe it is not being overweight.

maybe it is a relationship in your life that holds you back..maybe it is a goal that you think you can never achieve…

you must tell yourself, “you can”

so getting back to my ironic so i was reading this blog this morning and she was reading “Eat Pray Love” and she quoted from that book….

You Fight for it, Strive for it, Insist upon it

She is talking about happiness in the book….

My “it” is whatever you want it to be…

Because its all about the mind games we play with ourselves when we say  “I CANT”

because you  CAN !!!

Well honestly lately “Life has got me by the balls” Excuse my language….

With alot of things…and like any mountain in my life i know i will overcome this like i always do….

So until next time…….”Ask yourself What is “it” that holds you back ?”

and i must leave you with my Snookie Pop she turned 3 months old on Saturday !!!

Time is flying by….!!!!

and if you didnt know Photography is a passion in my life !!!!


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  1. esther

    Thank you very much my friend what a wonderful post. I have felt so defeated by my “it’s” lately, I am having a really hard time nailing them down. hard to fight something when you are not quit sure what “it” is

    love you hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

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