putting it out there….

so i have officially decided to run in a half marathon…..

i am putting it out there…

i have really had to think hard about this not about doing it but the big commitment of i am putting this out into the world of blogging and feeling very much accountable….

but i am excited about it…

because it was one of my goals before i got pregnant with Morgan….

and that goal has never really left my heart trully…i think it is a feeling of  “i am 33 years old” and it is now or never for me !!

so i am really excited !!

Never let your fears get in the way of living your dreams out !!

anyone up for the challenge ??

i want that feeling of crossing that finish line…!!

have i told you i am excited !!!

Well I am !!!


had to leave you with this picture !!!

Morgan first time swimming !! Three months old and she loves the water !!!


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One response to “putting it out there….

  1. love the pic she will be a little fish like nat and Hallie. we just put our pool up last weekend! Let the swimming begin :) and very cool with the running! I wish i could have the drive to do something like that.

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