Ten Things I am Thankful for Sunday !!!

1. I am thankful for “health”…the health of our children especially. I never take for granted healthy children because at any second that could change.

2. I am thankful for the gift of “forgiveness”…upon myself and others…because there is no one perfect we all make mistakes things happen, words are said…one of the greatest things about forgiveness is you want to be forgiven for things you must also forgive others…

3. I am thankful for my “home”…that we have a house that we call our own…

4. I am thankful for the gift of “laughter”…i would always say that is the best medicine…because no matter what is going on a laugh will take it all away !!!

5. I am thankful for “my camera”…though silly this thing has been a way to preserve our lifes….to make sure no moment is not documented..because when i am old and my childrens are grown up i want them to remember it all….!!!

6. I am thankful for “freedom”…i think that we take for granted the lives that we lead. when i am watching tv, how other countries live it is scary because we get to live the life we want not somebody tells us to …..

7.I am thankful for “my husband”…he is a hard working man who provides for his family…he is an emotional person…he is compassionate…he is fair…he does anything and everything to make me happy and give us a great life….he is the most handsome man i will ever know….

8.I am thankful for “shopping”..ooh how i love shopping….and it has gotten worse since morgan has been born because girls have the cutest clothes ever !! how can a three month old have so much clothes and stuff  I dont know !!!

9. I am thankful for “Jesus” in my life….he is my savior….I am thankful for his mercy….

10. I am thankful for “my three most precious gifts”…my children who are my life…. they are my laughter…they make me so happy….!!! They are all three unique little people !!! i am very blessed !!

Well it is Sunday at that means to me a day to be with your family !!!

Hope you have a very blessed day !!!


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