the other day i was getting my haircut and i was making small talk with the hairstylist and he has a little boy who is two and i guess his mom recently passed away he said he was talking to her and she asked him well have you been teaching your son a lot. he said, “I replied with no mom he has been teaching me a whole lot”..

and isn’t that true..everyday I am amazed at what my childrens teach me about myself and about life. their perspective about everything…they are not afraid and they look at life as a fun amazing interesting  journey…and as adults we become very stagnant in life and look at sometimes as we are waking up doing this again.. and they wake up like “what are we going do today” and isn’t that how we should look at life like…

and i never want my children’s to lose that in their life because i think that is so important to always look at life as a journey and to never be afraid what life has to offer…

because if i had to do it over again i wouldn’t change how my life is but i think i would not live in the fears because i would not try a lot of things because of fear…fear that i would fail fear that is wouldnt work out..and sometimes i think today i live like that…and that truly bothers me…I never want to look back and my life and say I didn’t do that because i was afraid because i never want my children to never try things because of fear…

i envy them they have the whole word ahead of them…endlesss possibilites in store…and to me it doesn’t matter wether or not they fail because i always tell Nat and Wyatt  “it doesn’t matter to me as long as you tried your best.” and that truly is my life motto….

“You block your dreams when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.”

because all things are possible….


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