what a topic.

especially for me.

i am the last person to give advice about words.

because they are who really we are. are internal dialogue what we say about ourselves and others.

that is and was and will always be a struggle in my life.

and i bring this up just because i  listen to K-love and yesterday the radio dj had brought up that she had went to womens camp and they had a challenge for everyone to for 30 days not so say one negative thing: not about anyone, anything, etc.

well i am not going to lie that is really hard for me. and i want to change that because i have been really hurt by words because they can NEVER be taken back. nor can i NEVER take then back. and when words that you say about others and then see them you come to realize that weither or not they know what you have said , you know what yourself what you are saying about them and that should be guilt enough for yourself. I have come to realize that when i am saying these things is it just because i am angry or ashamed of my ownself and just dont want to deal with my own insecurities or for some it is just a pattern that we fall into of we just talk.

and i bring this up because our children are our biggest fans in our life and we say things our children are listening and they began to feel well my mama says those things it must be ok. and i NEVER want my children to believe that this behavior is ok. because it is not ok. that to me is having a bad heart.

But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person. Mat 15:18

and isnt this true whatever we speak comes from our heart ?

and words in our marriage: how deadly they can be? because you can NEVER take them back nor can they be forgotten. and in marriage that can be a ulitimate deal breaker because either you forgive that person or you dont ??

this right now is a struggle in my heart. i pray.


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