well before i married brandon i was a skinny little mouse..

and the marriage babies and life took over..

and now i am a fat mouse..

weight has been a constant struggle in my life since about 2001. i didnt even know how much i weighed because i was just fat..i dont know what happened i stayed fat for years, i think sometimes you dont realize how fat you really are. i think about five years ago i just decided to get up one day and get on my treadmill and have been trying to loose weight since then..i dont really think it is about a number, it is how you feel and look to “yourself” that matters..and right before i got pregnant with morgan i was training to run in a marathon with my sister, that had never been a goal of mine..but something inside of me was like i want to accomplish this just to say “i did it” and whatever i set my mind to i will make it happen..the mind is strong..i believe that whatever in your life, if you set your mind to it you can do it if you really want it..i find it ironic because we were trying  to have morgan for more than a year and then when i started training for this marathon i ended up getting pregnant..go figure..so when i was pregnant i didnt gain alot, i was very real about the food just because i know how really hard it is get off.. i have to work really hard..i am very disciplined about working out but no so good about the food part..i love food..it is good.. and will always be a part our lives..i always say i believe food addiction is worse than any other addiction alcoholism drugs gambling because they can walk away; it is hard no doubt but they dont have to be around it, but when you love food, you have to discipline yourself to what and how much you can eat..and i want to be real about this. to think i will never have a piece of cake again well that is not reality at least for me..so i have made it a goal for me to loose at least 15 pounds that is my short term goal because i dont want to throw out this big goal and then feel defeated..it doesnt sound very much but to me it is..i have already been back to working out for three weeks it feels good, it is how i deal with stress and life.. it is hard with the baby but i make it work, if nothing happens for the day if i at least worked out and took care of my chidlrens then i am happy..my other goal is to run in a marathon with my sister..and i know it will happen..i am very determined about this..i want to be proud of me, and i want my husband to be proud, and my children that is very imoportant to me..

i love goals..i know they are hard..but i believe we need things to work towards, it keeps us young, and determined to not let life defeat us..

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal : it is the courage to continue that counts.”

and as i think about the weekend here, fridays are especially hard because i have cooked all week, friday is a treat for my childrens that after school we go eat out..and that is hard to really stayed focus but i can do it !!

what are your goals ? that maybe you have set but never accomplished ? it is never to late to get back on track with a goal you want to accomplish !!

and i always think in my mind to never give up because nat always tells me:

“Prathers never give up.”


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  1. Kashli Bechtel

    Weight has always been an issue with me too. Lately I have been struggling with it, and feeling fat and yucky. So I have decided to start cutting back on what I eat and since I have been doing that I can already tell a difference and its only been like a week. I dont really care about the weight # i just want to be comfy and be able to wear cute clothes and not feel fat in them.
    So I understand how you feel :) and you can do it I know you can, we both can because we have Gods strength!!

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