sometimes life is a big defeat and then god throws you a chick.

i know what a title..but lately all this junk has been happening i am not going to go into major details but anyways. twenty-eight days ago i got this hairbrain idea to try to incubate some eggs so we went and got our “mingming” he is our black frizzle we love from my uncle bobs house. he was here for a week, did his business and now he has 12 fertile for the last 21 days i have everyday been turning these eggs day and night… well it was getting closer to the day..and i told brandon if i have sat here and turned these eggs and none of them hatch i am going to absolutely loose it…well the 21 days came and gone and nothing but monday came 24 days and we got a crack in the egg so i patently thought i am going to let nature take its course well we waited another day and in the morning that chick ended dieing it couldn’t break out of the shell ?? i don’t know what happened so i was like i am just going to crack them open because something is not right ?? so the next one cracked i opened it up the chick was alive but did not make it… i opened up the only other one that had a crack and the chick was peeping as i was opening his shell up..i am like thank you lord…well needless to say i opened them all up and they were all dead full term baby chicks that something happened i dont was horrible…that was really hard for now we have one baby chick and he is now three days old running around in his area eating chirping in the middle of the night…he is happy…i call him a he but i am hoping he is a hen so we can keep him…or brandon said he can just live in the house and we can get him “decrowed”.. i am not sure about that one..but for now i am thankful for him…

“It is inevitable that some defeat will enter the most victorious life. The human spirit is never finished when it is is finished when it surrenders.”

I know that life will turn around i believe God threw me something so show me..i know that sounds quirky but i believe that he shows us the light in many different ways..because i am not a person to be easily defeated but it is sometimes hard to pick your head up and keep trucking along when bad things are happening around us.. I pray i know he is listening….

We are up in the air about this chicks name…brandon calls him “Peep” natalie calls him “Valiant” which mean brave one..i was thinking “Ming Jr” i am not sure..but he is a miracle to me..he is precious…..


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