My husband he is so funny. It is kind of wierd because we are so different than when we were young and had Nat. He is so in love with her.He calls her Snookie-Pop, and she looks at him this morning i am thinking i hope she doesnt think that is what her name is. I call her “the baby” because that is what she is. I thought i would be sad at this part of my life but i feel now that our life is complete.

I am thankful for many things but the one thing i always pray for is “healthy children” because that is the hardest when my kids are not feeling well.i feel like my world is crumbling down on me i dont know why.i blame it on like didnt i keep them clean enough. did i not make them rest enough. i am just a worry wart.

I am using this blog for memory retention. there is so much that happens in our lifes that i forget and i want to always remember these times because they are fast. that is what makes me sad nat is now 10 and i am like where did the time fly off to …ooh yeah living…

So i dedicate this blog to my threepratherbabies that are my world….


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  1. very nice Nicole! Thats great you started a blog! :)

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